Focus on Freshwater Aquaculture

As we lead up to our Aquaculture Europe 2023 event in Vienna in September, we have two feature articles on freshwater aquaculture, in the March issue of Aquaculture Europe, that underline the conference theme of “Balanced diversity in aquaculture development.” You can read the March issue HERE

Aquaculture Europe 2023

September 18 - 21, 2023


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Aquaculture Europe 2023

Aquaculture is the world’s most diverse farming practice in terms of number of species, farming methods, intensity level and environ-ments used. Significant efforts have been made to promote species diversity since global aquaculture production is dominated by a few dozen species. The needs for responsible use of resources, improved efficiency and in-creased resilience against future challenges such as diseases and climate change require further diversification in aquaculture beyond species level.

However, diversification in aquaculture should be well balanced taking into account area specificities, available natural resources, social realities and needs of circular economy. Diversification should be appropriately main-tained for local conditions, market access and resilience. Balance between small- and large-scale aquaculture en-terprises and activities of various water users for example are salient issues in future aquaculture development.

Taking place in the iconic Austrian capital, Vienna, AE2023 will be a perfect meeting place for this focus on diversification, and while Austria has a low aquaculture produc-tion, it has plans for development of existing and new production methods and species and it is at the heart of central Europe, adjacent to Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy and other European countries focussing on aquaculture development.

Diversification is of course also especially relevant to the marine sector and the AE2023 parallel sessions will cover the full scope of European aquaculture scientific disci-plines and species and will comprise submitted oral and poster presentations. AE2023 will also feature an inter-national trade exhibition, industry forum, student sessions and activities, satellite workshops and updates on EU research.

18 - 21

September 2023 Vienna,Austria

Balanced Diversity in Aquaculture Development

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